Sendhanidham- Virol(Si)


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Virol,is a dreamland,better known as Sendhani dham.It is situated in Petlad taluka,of Anand district,GUJ,INDIA.

 Its neighbouring villages are Simarda(Mahhatamdas Mahant), Santokpura,Rupiyapura,Sundarna, Vishrampura,Dabhasi and Bochasan(BAPS Swaminarayan).

 As per the mythology,the village derived its name after the great VIRO RABARI,who is belived to be establisher of VIROL.

 The total population of village exceeds more then 5000 as per local survey dec-09.

  The village is best n marvelous example of UNITY,as there lives various castes like Patel,Rajput,Bhramin,Darbar,Baniya,Harijan,Virolkars(Vankars),Parekh n many other minorities.The above all economic status of Patels is main reason behind the upliftment of the Village.

 Virol has a tributery play prak for childrens,also it has its own roadway connection to surroundings.The renovated as well as the ancient temple of  MA SENDHANI n MA VAHERAI,is the centre point of attraction.The village has its unique Entrance gate,also has the clock mounted tower.

 Education wise,The Panchayat,The primary school and The secondary school is well equiped with modern computer technology,so that students n members of village get enough exposure to it.

 The village also has its unique post office-388480,The Ronchod rai temple,The ambe temple and many other religious places.

 The village is well literate with 5 docters,7 engineers,10 pharmasists,5 nurses,5 teachers,15 Bsc,5 Msc,10 BA,3 MA,10 Bcom n many others are regular GIDC employees.

 Still the main source of income is agriculture,main crop being tobaco,banana,paddy,wheat,bajri...Also the NRI from this village around 45 families remains main sponsers of tomorrow...

 For agricultural needs n animal husbundary needs,village has its own SEVA KENDRAS,MILK UNION,YUVAK MANDALS.

The young blood generation of village symbolises itself by forming an union of youth vollenteers known as VIRSVILLA UNION,which mainly indulges itself in undertaking the organisation responsibilities of almost all major festivals that are celebrated in village.


 Maheshbhai Maganbhai Patel (Ex- Sarpanch, Virol)

 Arvindbhai Gordhanbhai Patel (Ex- Sarpanch,Virol)

 Dr. Milan Maheshbhai Patel (Member,Virol)